NC4: Risk Center - My Information - Settings

The My Information section is where you keep your profile current, view your organization and groups, and to change your password.

The My User Profile tab, as shown in the following, is used to maintain your personal user profile information. Your NC4 Risk Center Administrator will create your initial profile, but it is important that you update the information to maintain its accuracy.  

User-added image
Maintaining your User Profile

The My Organization and My Groups tabs, as shown here, list the names of the Organizations, plus any Sub-organizations, and the groups that have been created by your NC4 Risk Center Administrator, and to which you have been associated.  

User-added image
My Organizations and My Groups

The Change My Password tab, as shown below, is used to change the password you use for logging into NC4 Risk Center. Enter your Current Password, and the New Password (twice to confirm) in the fields provided, then click the Change Password button.

User-added image
Changing your password

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