NC4: Risk Center - Geolocating Locations

Strategies for successful geolocation:

  1. Select the country.
  2. Only enter the address number, street name, and suffix (e.g. Blvd, Ave, St, Strasse) into the street field. If available, use directional references like E for east or N for north. Do not include P.O. boxes, floor numbers (for large buildings), corporate complex names, or the like.
  3. If the location is in the U.S., enter the city and state fields.
  4. If the location is outside the U.S., enter the city field only.
  5. Click Geolocate. If the postal code, latitude and longitude fields are automatically filled, the address was complete. You can verify the location by clicking on Locate By Map or you can fill out other fields on the Location Form, save the location, and verify the position of the location on the Situation Map.

If the geolocation was not successful, the following adjustments can be made (in the order presented):

  1. If it is in the U.S., check the state. Check spellings of the street and city. There may be alternate spellings, especially in foreign countries. Click Geolocate.
  2. Remove the suffix from the street field, if used. Click Geolocate.
  3. Remove the address number from the street field, if used. Click Geolocate. If the geolocation is successful, then you can verify on the Locate by Map tab, or (after saving) the Situation Map that the location is approximately correct. Manually geolocate the location on the Locate by Map tab based on whatever other information is available to you. This could include correlating the location of the facility successfully geolocated in an online map client or known proximity to a known intersection or landmark.
  4. Remove all text from the street field and click Geolocate. If the geolocation successfully places the facility in the right city and state, then something about the street address is the source of the problem. Try alternative spellings of the street name (without address number or suffix); try geolocating an intersection (like “Broad St & Main St”), or use an online mapping client to try to gather additional information which may help you identify an acceptable level of accuracy for your registered location.
  5. If all entries in the street field do not successfully geolocate, you may use the Locate by Map tab to approximate the location based on landmarks, neighborhoods, or relative position vis-à-vis the city center.

At any time, you may use the Reset button at the bottom of the Locate By Address tab to clear the fields in the Location section.

If you are unable to enter an address for a location, you can Locate By Map to physically pinpoint the location on a map.

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When using the Locate By Map feature, if you know the country, or state, and/or county, enter this on the Locate By Address screen, then click the Geo Locate button. The system will take you to the Locate By Map screen, already focused on the country, state and/or county you specified, speeding the process of finding your location on the map.

  1. Click on the Locate By Map tab.
  2. Manipulate the map image on the screen using the navigation and zoom features to pinpoint the location. Then, with your mouse on the area of the map desired, left click to place a red star on the location. The latitude and longitude of this location will be automatically geo-located by the system.
  3. Once you have pinpointed the location, click on Accept to save the coordinates associated with it. The Latitude and Longitude for your location will automatically be entered and displayed in the system, and will be shown in the LAT/LON field on the Locate By Address tab.
    • Click the Update button to move an existing red star marker on the map.
    • Click the Reset button to restore the map to the original view.
    • Click the Cancel button to abort the setting or move the red star marker.
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After a location has been created/registered in the system, any updates or changes made to the location will automatically generate and distribute an email notification to those who have been added to the Notification List and who have opted to receive information about location updates.

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Add/Change Notification List

When all the available information, including address/mapping information, contact information, and notification details, has been entered about the location:

  1. Click on the Save button. A dialog box will notify you if you have not completed all of the required fields. Once your data entry is complete, the system will display a confirmation dialog box.
  2. Or, click on the Cancel button to close the Create a Location window without saving any changes.
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