NC4: Risk Center - Other Navigation Items

The following are other system features that may appear in the Navigation Panel, based on your organization’s implementation.

  • NC4 Risk Center - Analytical Briefs – Focusing on potential near-term risk, Analytical Briefs provide original, predictive analyses that identify and analyze emerging threats. Written by intelligence analysts using primary sources, the briefs are used to clarify and summarize complex events, tell members “what they need to know, before they know they need to know it”, and provide an authoritative and trusted perspective on complex global situations. Analytical Briefs emphasize the implications of global developments that affect traveler and operational safety, security, health, and productivity. Available for Global Insights subscribers.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Historical Reporting and Analysis – Query the entire NC4 Risk Center incident database to create customized reports that support facility planning, assess incident impact and perform other analytical tasks. Reports are generated in PDF, Google Earth, and Excel formats.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Global Intelligence Relay  – Global Insights subscribers have access to the Global Intelligence Relay, which is a customizable, all-source summary of relevant NC4 content, including Real-time Incident alerts, ActivWeather, internal ISA incidents, Global Flashpoints, and analysis. The Relay contains several charts meant to provide a summary of your operational exposure with just a glance. Since the Relay is based on alert profiling, the intelligence that populates the document is highly relevant.
  • Maps: Airborne Flights – Available as part of the ActivTravel module, the NC4 Airborne Flights map provides an at-a-glance visual indication of travelers currently in-flight as well as the current location of travelers around the world (e.g. hotel stays). Traveler and expat data is overlaid on the country risk ratings map. It also provides quick access to the itineraries for currently airborne travelers.
  • Maps: Universal Console – This map client combines all NC4-generated intelligence and analysis, your registered asset data, and additional NC4 and non-NC4 maintained data. Additional data may include NC4 data for hurricanes and other weather conditions, user-specified public Internet data, and proprietary user data such as residences from a Human Resources database. Custom drawing tools, geographic analysis and other functionality makes Universal Console’s GIS capabilities a powerful tool for enhancing situational awareness.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Traveler Reports - ActivTravel User's Guide  – ActivTravel™ combines travel intelligence, traveler tracking and real-time threat alerting with a powerful suite of tools to help members prepare and manage their business travelers and expats. Traveler search, traveler reports, expatriate management and a range of other capabilities can be found in the Travelers section of the Navigation Panel for those users with access to the ActivTravel module.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Introduction - Administration and Configuration  – This section provides the tools needed for the NC4 Risk Center Administrators to set-up and manage their Organization and Sub-organizations, Groups, and Users.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Mobile Administration Panel - ActivPoint Administration – This section provides the tools needed for the NC4 Risk Center ActivPoint Administrators to configure and manage ActivPoint settings.
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