NC4: Risk Center - Maps

  • NC4 Risk Center - Situation Map – The Situation Map provides continuous visibility of NC4 intelligence and analysis, giving you immediate awareness of threatening situations happening around your asset locations, including critical locations and traveling employees. The map includes live hurricane track data (when appropriate), full pan, zoom, and drill-down capability, and a variety of command center-oriented functions such as Proximity Warnings for your registered locations. Visibility of assets on the Situation Map can be configured to meet your own internal rules for access privileges.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Country Reports – The NC4 Risk Map provides country risk ratings that are color-coded based on the degree of risk.
  • NC4 Risk Center - ActivWeather Map – The NC4 ActivWeather map displays real-time weather data in the United States, providing visually detailed and customizable weather maps to further enhance situational awareness.
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