NC4: Risk Center - Relevant Alerts Inbox

Accessed from the Inbox icon in the upper right corner of the application, as shown in the following image, the Alerts Inbox contains RIMC, ISA, ActivWeather, and ActivTravel alerts.

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Alerts Inbox

When the Inbox icon is clicked, the Inbox window appears in the Content Panel, as shown below, with three tabs to select from: Alert, Intel, and Non-Alert. This inbox can be managed similar to an email inbox.

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Viewing the relevant alerts inbox

  • The Alert Inbox contains alerts for RIMC, ISA, ActivWeather and ActivTravel.
  • The Intel Inbox contains alerts for Analytical Briefs, Country Reports, Global Flashpoints, Special Event Briefings and Situation Reports.
  • The Non-Alert Inbox contains location alerts that are sent when changes are made to a member’s qualifying location page.

Sorting Alerts and Non-Alerts for Viewing                                         

The information is displayed in a table format that can be sorted by simply clicking on the column headings that have the ascending/descending sort icons.

  • Check box – check this box to select Alerts for deletion.
  • Updated – shows the date/time that the incident was updated by a RIMC analyst, or when a Non-Alert was sent by another user
  • Event / Category / Type (Alert / Intel / Non-Alert) – shows the Incident Category and Incident Type (e.g., Geophysical – Earthquake) / the Intel category / or the Non-Alert type.
  • Channel / Sender – shows the pathway by which alert content was sent (for most users will be RIMC), or the sender of the Non-Alert notification.
  • Location – shows the Location where the incident/event is taking place. If the Non-Alert notification is about changes to a registered location, click Location to view the Update Location screen.
  • Title – for Non-Alert notifications, the Title column shows the name of the Location.
  • Description – shows all of the current details known about the incident.

Deleting Alerts

  1. Check the box to select any alerts or notifications you want to delete.
  2. Click on the Delete Selected button. The alert or notification is deleted from the inbox.
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Real-time incident alerts for both locations and ActivTravel are removed from the inbox when the incident is closed.

For all others, the alerts will automatically be deleted from the Alert Inbox after thirty days.

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