NC4: Risk Center Alerts

When you receive an alert from the Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC), it contains a Contact Analysts email address link to If you would like to provide additional information about an incident or ask questions regarding the incident, you can send an email directly to the NC4 analysts. NC4 welcomes any information about an existing incident or other incidents which may not already be covered.

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The Contact Analysts email address is intended for questions or comments about incident coverage only. To contact NC4 regarding other matters such as forgotten passwords, functionality questions, or account settings, please contact the NC4 Support Center.

NC4 Risk Center includes an Opt-out of Updates link on all real-time alerts, as shown in Figure 1. This will enable the recipient to opt-out of any further updates to the particular incident described in the alert simply by clicking the link. Opting back in is equally simple: just click the opt back in link in the opt-out confirmation page.

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Figure 1 – Receiving Alerts from NC4 Risk Center

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