NC4: Risk Center User Types

NC4 Risk Center’s flexible design allows system features to be enabled or disabled depending on each customer’s specific needs. At the most basic level, content is categorized as either domestic (U.S.) or Global. Global content is an optional feature, so depending on your organization’s subscription, you may or may not have access to global-related content in the Navigation Panel. Some content in the Navigation Panel can also be enabled/disabled based on a user’s access level as assigned by their organization’s NC4 Risk Center Administrator. The various types of system users include:

  • Root Organization Administrator – is the person(s) that has been designated as the main NC4 Risk Center Administrator. This kind of administrator has complete access to all users, groups, locations, travelers, and Sub-organizations. The Root Organization Administrator can define and manage all Sub-organizations in the account.
  • Sub-organization Administrators – are users with Administrator privileges as described above, but only for a single Sub-organization.
  • Full-Access, Non-Administrator user – are users without Administrator privileges. Full-Access users have access to most of the capabilities in NC4 Risk Center, including maps, reports, and other tools.
  • Alert-Only, Non-Administrator user – are users without Administrator privileges. Alert-Only users have very limited access, and can only edit alert profiles and view information about alerts they receive.
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