Everbridge CEM: April 2023 Release Notes

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All features listed in this section are accessible in all products unless otherwise noted for a feature.

SMART Weather – View and Edit Contacts' Quiet Time for Weather Alerting

Users can now view and edit a contact’s Quiet Time settings for automated weather alerts from the Alert Subscriptions and Delivery Method sections in the Contact profile. This will help Administrators determine why contacts were excluded from automated weather alerts and take corrective action as needed for life-threatening weather events.

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This feature is available to all SMART Weather customers at no additional cost. 

Release Date: April 18th (EU), April 19th (US) 

Expanded Risk Rating Scale

The Risk Rating Scale has been expanded from 1-4 to 1-5. The new ratings are:

  • Very Low
  • Low
  • Moderate
  • High
  • Extreme

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This change is available to all Travel Protector customers. Preexisting ratings will be increased by one level (For example: a Level 1 rating will become a Level 2). 

Release Date: April 18th (EU), April 19th (US)

Product Area




Communications Engine

SMS Notifications Austria - Replaced SMS Sender ID +43 676 8004421 with +43 676 800442201. This new SMS sender ID is to provide additional assurance of SMS message delivery to the country.

Communications Engine

SMS Notifications Philippines - Replaces SMS Sender ID +63 922 110 1337 with +22566554. This new SMS sender ID is to provide additional assurance of SMS message delivery to the country.


Scenario Launch

Users will be informed when variable values exceed the maximum length defined for SMS fields.The message will be truncated to the maximum length.

Users can modify the values of the variables to ensure that the entire text is retained or modify the impacted templates.

Product Area



Case Numbers


Additional Information Additional information fields can't be updated via API if the user has the Everbridge Mobile App as a delivery path.
  • 231163254

SSO Login

Language Settings Regional Language setting is not retained after logging out and reopening. 
  • 221131819



Contacts within the Group that are staffed in a Calendar are not displayed for Published Calendars.

  • 231170805
Everbridge Mobile App Notifications Android 8 users are not able to view Notifications in the Everbridge Mobile App.
  • 231175015

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