Everbridge CEM: July 2023 Release Notes

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Incident Communications

Scenarios Google Auto Translate New languages supported in Google auto-translation feature:
  • Somali 
  • Persian
Google Auto Translate now supports Somali and Persian, making it easier for native or preferred speakers to understand the scenarios they receive.

On-call Scheduling

Calendars Holidays Holiday calendars for the following countries have been added:
  • Switzerland
  • Hungary
Users who manage Calendars can now see an indicator for the official holidays of Switzerland and Hungary, making it easy to consider holidays while setting up schedules for staff in these countries.

Everbridge Mobile App - Crisis Management

Task Lists

N/A Status Task Lists now support the new N/A Status within the Everbridge Mobile App. Tasks can now be set as N/A if they don't apply. 
CEM Contact/Asset Management Contact/Asset Records Koreas' Country Code display now supports the following versions: ​
  • Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of​
  • Korea, Republic of
The system has been updated to reflect consistent and official names for the two Korean countries. 
CEM Contact/Asset Management Contact/Asset Records Türkiye's country name has been updated to accept both Türkiye and Turkey.   The system has been updated to reflect a consistent and official name for Türkiye. 
CEM Contact/Asset Management Contact/Asset Records Eswatini's country name has been updated from Swaziland The system has been updated to reflect a consistent and official name for Eswatini. 
CEM API Event Logging Changes made to the API Authentication Methods in the Account settings will now be recorded. Account Admins will be able to download the Event Log Report to track down changes made to the API Authentication Methods.

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Case Numbers

Incident Communications

Auto-launched Incidents Recipients see a custom message for Email and Mobile App delivery methods for auto launched Incidents even though the Incident Template does not have custom message configured for the two delivery methods.
  • 440160
Incident Communications Update/Close via REST API If the Variable values are left empty/blank when Updating/Closing the Notification of an Incident, then the Variable values from the previous Incident Notification are considered for the Update/Close Notification of an Incident via RestAPI.
  • 450224​

Everbridge Mobile App - Incident Communications

Status The current Incident status is incorrect. 
  • 372062

Everbridge Mobile App - Safety Connection

Safe Corridor

Erroneous SOS is sent when the phone is locked and unlocked again during a Safe Corridor check-in.

  • 231185509

Everbridge Mobile App

SSO Login Custom logo doesn't display on SSO login page.
  • 231192590

Everbridge Mobile App

Login When an EU user has an issue logging into the Everbridge Mobile App, the link they're provided to retry is http://manager.everbridge.net/ rather than http://manager.everbridge.eu. ​
  • 231171758

Everbridge Mobile App - Incident Chat

Contact Selection Some contacts may not be available to add to an Incident Chat message.  

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