EBS: Overview of CMDB (Configuration Management Database) Group Lookup and When to Use It

What is CMDB (Configuration Management Database)?
CMDB Group Lookup dynamically identifies contact Groups based on the relationships in a CMDB.  By using a mixture of Properties to provide variable values for extensive lists and Group Mapping to use combinations of Properties to automatically select Groups for notifications, this ensures the right Contacts receive the appropriate Incident Notification.

Why Use CMDB?
Path A:  If you can name your Groups the same names as your variable choices, you can use group rules in Incidents.
Path B:  If you can't use the same names and need to reference Groups, use CMDB Group Lookup.
CMDB Group Lookup can be used to create Incident Subscriptions but can also be used to accomplish other useful tasks, such as providing Variable values for use in Incidents.  The CMDB Group Lookup adds Contacts to a message based on Groups, Group relationships, and the dynamic information added to an Incident.  The lookup only references Groups, not Additional Information fields, etc.
Use Case Example:  An incident occurs at a location where either the individuals who work or reside at that location need to be notified.  In addition to the individuals who work at that location, any time there is a “Red” Level event at any location, the Crisis Management Team, which is made of people from various offices, also needs to be notified.  CMDB Group Lookup can be used in an "Existing Object Name" Variable to identify the Contacts that need to be targeted for notification of a particular incident. 
Easily establish Properties/Variable Values Using an Upload (as seen in sample below)

Once the Properties and Values have been created, a Mapping (manually or via upload) is then configured to align the appropriate Groups with Location and Threat Level. 
Update your Incident template to use Incident Group Rules (as seen below) to ensure people in any affected location will receive a notification if their location is impacted.  Also add an Incident Group Rule for Threat Level.

When Variables referencing the Property information are added to a template, and a rule created to connect the Group Attribute (Property) with the Incident Variable Values, any Incident Notifications sent using that template will automatically route to the right people.  You can go through the workflow of launching your Incident Notification and use the Preview Contacts option to ensure the appropriate Groups are included.

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