Everbridge CEM: August 2023 Release Notes


What's New in Mass Notification Platform

All features listed in this section are accessible in all products unless otherwise noted for a feature.

Event Log Report: Create Rule

Now whenever a new rule is created via the interface or API, the event will be recorded in the Event Log Report generated at the Account level, allowing users to quickly identify who created it and when. 
Audit Log Rule Created.png

This feature is available to all customers at no additional cost and won't affect any preexisting settings. 

Release Date: August 22 (EU), August 23 (US)

What's New in Travel Protector
Additional Contract Attributes Support in Custom Reports ​

Users can now add any additional contact attributes as a data field and filters in Travel Segments Custom Reports, allowing for more detailed reporting capabilities.
Additional Contact Attributes.png 
This enhancement is free to all Travel Protector customers and won't affect any preexisting settings. 

Release Date: August 22 (EU), August 23 (US)

Minor Improvements to Existing Features - All Products


Feature Area

Feature Description Benefits


REST API Escalations Escalations are now supported within Notifications launched via Rest API. Users can specify escalation configurations to target Contacts in a specific order via Rest API.
Defects Corrected in This Release

Product Area



Case Numbers

Contact Management

Uploads Modified the error message when attempting to load a value for the SSO User ID field in the contact upload file.
  • 443608

Contact Management

Geocoding Geocoding status is updated incorrectly when geocoding has terminated​.
  • 454664

Contact Management


Geocoding shows many addresses as having failed to geocode.

  • 411483

Contact Management

Reporting Corrected the “Addresses Outside of Geofence” report to accurately report the number of contacts outside the geofence when more than one shape is used.
  • 438524

Contact Management

Contact Record If a value for an additional information field is not provided, when saving the contact record, the page will navigate to the error.
  • 451758

Member Portal​


Fixed typo from "day" to “Day” when viewing schedules on the Member Portal.

  • 445049

Contact Management

Scheduling Resolved display issue for schedules’ Day View so that the group is displayed in the right column.  

Incident Communications

Incident Rules Only the first variable value is considered in Individual Incident Rules that are based on the "ends with" value comparison, when multiple values are selected for the variable
  • 446912
What's New in Everbridge University




Everbridge University User Guide

Provides a full walkthrough on using Everbridge University.


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