ManageBridge and Everbridge Mobile App (EMA): July 2022 Release Notes

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What's New in ManageBridge App

View Contacts based on Incident Rules & Conditions in Notifications

Notification senders can view the list of contacts that will receive the Incident Notification based on Incident Rules and Conditions.

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Notification senders will be informed of the additional Contacts that will receive the notification based on the values chosen for the Incident variables. This feature is available at no additional cost to all customers using Incident Communication.

Add Custom Fields to Critical Events

Event creators can now view and add Custom Fields in Critical Events launched from ManageBridge. You can also view and update Custom Fields in active Critical Events. 

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Stakeholders will be able to view and update critical information pertaining to the event on the go. This is available at no additional cost to all customers using Crisis Management.

Simulation Mode in Notification User Flow

Message senders can practice the entire Notification workflow without sending out live notifications. Access to simulation mode will be restricted based on the permissions provisioned in Manager Portal. 

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Message senders can use this feature to get familiarized and trained on various nuances of launching a notification from ManageBridge before sending out live messages. This is available at no additional cost to all customers using Mass Notification.

Minor Improvements

Product Area Feature Improvement Benefits to you
ManageBridge App Attach files of sizes up to 20 MB Attachments of up to 20 MB can be attached to Notifications launched from ManageBridge app. Enables you to communicate more effectively with your Contacts by attaching relevant documents related to the notification.
ManageBridge App Override Sender Information “Sender Email” and “Sender Caller ID” can be updated in “Notification Settings” within the ManageBridge app as per the permissions provisioned for the same in Manager Portal. Provides an option for notification senders to modify the sender information directly on ManageBridge app.

Defects Corrected in this Release

Product Area Feature Defect Case Numbers
Everbridge Mobile App Secure Collaboration Read-receipt functionality was temporarily disabled. This can now be restored via a request to your account manager.
  • N/A
Everbridge Mobile App Secure Collaboration Delay in loading contacts for Directory Chat when the number of contacts exceeds 100,000.
  • 221087124

What' s new in Everbridge University

The following course has been updated on Everbridge University.
Course Customer Link in EBU Approximate Duration Status
ManageBridge Fundamentals US Link:
EU Link: #/online-courses/e94cb7c5-0368-43b8-b232-a647a52c8c7c
45 minutes Updated

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