Everbridge CEM: February 2023 Release Notes

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What's New in Mass Notification Platform

All features listed in this section are accessible in all products unless otherwise noted for a feature.

API Access Key Tab​

The "API Users" tab found at the Account Level under the Users tab has been renamed "API Access Key" to reduce confusion surrounding its intended purpose. 

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This change is available at no additional cost and doesn't impact any preexisting settings. 

Related Documentation: Account Administrator Guide

Event Logs for API Access Key tab​

Account Administrators will be able to see changes made under the API Access Key tab in the Event Log report, allowing them to track and troubleshoot any changes made to API Access Keys. They will be able to see:​

  • Who created/deleted an API access key​
  • Who activated/deactivated an API access key​
  • Who downloaded an API access key

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Release Date: February 15th

Related Documentation: Account Administrator Guide

Usability Improvement for Role Assignment​ Process

When attempting to save a user without first assigning a role, the operator will now be prompted to confirm that this was their intent before proceeding. This also accompanies a new Role Information section that aims to reduce any confusion.

Note that the Organization Administrator is restricted from deleting the default role of cross-Organizational users.​ The aligned default role auto-setting rule is applied for both Account-level and Organization-level users.

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This feature is free to all users and won't affect any preconfigured settings. 

Release Date: February 15th

What's New in Travel Protector

Custom Travel Reports

Travel Protector users can now define, run and save custom reports for any travel information based on the traveler, segment, and itinerary information. This allows travel managers, GSOC, or anyone else managing the travelers' duty of care to generate reports based on different sets of conditions. 

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Available only when using the Travel Location Data Feed, Itineraries REST API, or Itinerary Importer. This functionality is not available for legacy connectors such as ISOS, Concur, Magnatech, Ijet, or Amex GBT.

Release Date: February 16

Schedule Custom Travel Reports

Travel Protector customers can now set schedules for sending custom travel reports to a list of email addresses using a specific recurrence. Scheduling options include Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, and can accommodate up to 100 schedules at a time. There's no user email address limit, but users must have the appropriate permissions in the Organization for contacts to receive the report. 

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Available only when using the Travel Location Data Feed, Itineraries REST API, or Itinerary Importer. This functionality is not available for legacy connectors such as ISOS, Concur, Magnatech, Ijet, or Amex GBT.

Release Date: February 16

Minor Improvements to Existing Features

Product Area





Geocoding If Bing does not return the same coordinates as the ones provided by the user, the latter will be used instead of Bing's coordinates. Provides more accurate geocoding for customers providing their address coordinates.

Notifications and Incidents

CSV Upload

When Contacts are selected via CSV upload during the launch of a Notification, an error report (with a reason for failure) will be generated for Contacts that were not added due to an error in processing.

Operators can make the necessary corrections and re-upload the file.

Defects Corrected in this Release - All Products

Product Area


Defect (Fixes to be released on February 15th)

Case Numbers


Upload Contact Upload Files not showing Custom Fields​.
  • 221125141​


Upload Unable to retrieve Contact Upload. 
  • 221119433


Incident Notifications

Incident Notification was not sent to Incident subscribers as expected.

  • 221112236​
Incidents Email Delivery Method Value of the Incident Variable is not displayed in the Email modality if the Variable Name contains double space.
  • 231155622
Notifications and Incidents Custom Email Delivery Method When “Custom Email” is disabled in the Org Settings, the Email modality still shows the custom email content if the notification is launched from an existing template that has custom email content configured.
  • 231153045
Assets Upload Asset upload is duplicated when sending two different files.
  • 221141368​
Reports Custom Report Records were duplicated when exporting Custom report to CSV or PDF.
  • 221138469​
Contacts Uploads Contact Upload file got stuck on Queuing for more than 24 hours​
  • 221140310​
On Call Scheduling Preview and Override The escalation time between two staffing layers is incorrect in the “Preview and Override” section if the name of the first layer is same as the name of an expired layer.
  • 221115076
  • 221120333
Reports Custom Report No email received when exporting a custom report to Excel or PDF.
  • 221150475 ​
  • 231152754 ​
  • 231153012 ​
  • 231153188 ​
  • 231153908 ​
  • 221151421​
  • 231152772
Everbridge Univeristy User Profile Everbridge University users are being mapped to new departments via the Everbridge API when changes to their Manager Portal profile are made.
  • 221149983
  • 221150796
  • 221151975
  • 221152068
  • 221152135
  • 221152378
  • 231152814
  • 231152821
  • 231153102
  • 231153177
  • 231154613
  • 231155151
  • 231155336
  • 231157673
  • 231157428

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