Everbridge CEM Suite: November 2022 Release Notes

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What's New in Mass Notification Platform

All features listed in this section are accessible in all products unless otherwise noted for a feature.

Improved UX for Edit and Delete Icons in Group Management

We've added the Edit and Delete Group icons to the Group Management page, allowing you to use those functions directly from the Group title rather than the panel on the left. 

This provides a better user experience for users trying to Edit/Delete Groups with long names where the icons were hidden in the left-hand panel, as they no longer need to scroll to the end of the Group name to find the icons.  

User-added image

Users maintaining local guides will want to update their screenshots.
This upgrade comes at no extra charge. 

Linking User with Registered Member Contacts   ​

You will now be able to view/link with both unregistered and registered Member Portal contacts. Previously, registered contacts would not appear in the model.

User-added image

Member Portal users who registered before obtaining their EBS credentials will want to use the same credentials for both their EBS and Member Portal login.
This enhancement is free to all applicable users. 

Simulation Mode for Incident Workflow​

Message senders in training can now use Simulation Mode to practice the end-to-end incident flow before they're ready to start sending the live Incidents. This helps to avoid accidental messaging and trains users without incurring any cost to an organization's Global Messaging Credit. 

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This feature won't affect any preconfigured user settings but does need to be enabled by an Organization Admin. 
There's no additional charge for this feature.

Increased Upload  Record Limit for ​"Targeted Individual Selection through List Upload" Feature​

Message senders can now target up to 15,000 contacts when preparing a Notification or Incident by uploading a list of identifiers as a CSV file. This should save time and reduce errors as opposed to navigating many pages of contacts or creating temporary Rules to capture the intended recipients. 

User-added image
This feature will not impact preexisting users and comes at no additional cost. 

Increased Maximum Length for the Textarea Variable Type

The maximum length of the Textarea Variable type can now be configured to up to 10,000 characters

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This enhancement can be enabled from the Incidents > Variables > New/Edit Variable flow at no additional charge. 

What's New in ManageBridge and Everbridge Mobile App

ManageBridge: Biometric Login for SSO Users ​

Users who log in to the ManageBridge app via single sign-on (SSO) will now be able to log in with biometric options, allowing them to save time by logging in with fingerprint or face identification rather than entering their username or password.  

User-added image

These options can be enabled from the Settings menu, and then by tapping either Face ID or Touch ID depending on the device model. You'll then be prompted to enter your username and password before the biometric option is turned on. 
This feature is available at no additional cost

ManageBridge: Search Function

You can now use the new Search function when creating a Notification to locate and add Individuals, Groups, Rules, and Map Shape names, making it easier and quicker to select the needed Contacts.

Searching for any attribute of the target name will work. For example, Searching for "John" and "Smith" will both
locate "John Smith."

User-added image

There will be no impact on preexisting settings, and this enhancement is free for all ManageBridge users. 

Travel Protector: Search for Country Report in EMA

Travel Managers can now configure a new button to allow their travelers to Search for all Pre-Trip Country Reports from within the Everbridge Mobile App to ensure that they're properly prepared for their trip - all at the tap of a button. 

User-added image

There is no change to preexisting configurations, but Travel Managers need to create this button to enable it on the traveler's end. 
This feature is free for all Travel Protector users. 

What's New in Crisis Management

Short Event ID​

We've shortened Critical Event IDs to make them easier to manage, search, track, and reference. 

User-added image

Users who maintain a local training guide will want to update their screenshots after this change. 
The feature is free to all Crisis Management users. 

Task Timers within Templates​

Task Timers can now be added to Task Templates to ensure that Tasks are completed on time when every second counts. The timer will start as soon as the Task List has been launched to comply with a company's event response SLA.

User-added image

Users who maintain a local training guide will want to update their screenshots after this change. 
This feature is available to all applicable users at no additional cost. 

Minor Improvements to Existing Features

Product Area



Benefit(s) to You

Contact Management Contact Linking New Tooltip for linking a User to a Contact.​ This enhancement ensures your users are up-to-date on the requirements for linking an existing contact record to a user.
Contact Management Dashboard Removed Personal View capabilities In an emergency, users need to see all the information in the same way. Removing the Personal View will achieve that common picture view across all users. Any changes on a Dashboard will be available to anyone else who can view the board. ​
Crisis Management Tasks Task Description A new Task Description field has been added to the Create/Edit Task flows to allow users to provide further details and context about a Task to its assignees. 
Crisis Management Member Portal Removed the Status Change capability in the Task landing page. This should help to simplify the process while preventing potential user confusion. 
Crisis Management Critical Events Flagged the IC Simulation Mode in the Critical Event content ​ It's now easier than ever to tell when an IC is in Simulation Mode versus Live Mode.
Crisis Management Forms Request View resizing The Form Request View has been re-designed so that it will show the full screen from the beginning. 
Crisis Management Forms A new Print action was added to the Request View.  Makes it easier and faster to print a submission form. 
Crisis Management Critical Events Quick access to launch a linked Critical Event.  Users can now escalate a form submission to a Critical Event easier with quick access to such action.


Defects Corrected in this Release - All Products

Product Area



Case Numbers

Incident Communications Notifications Can't publish Notifications to Facebook.
  • 221103106
Safety Connection Phone Call
Safety Button
If the Phone Call Safety button is set to dial the respective country's default emergency number, then the country code is prefixed to the emergency number.
  • 221131793
  • 221133029


Known Issues in this Release

Product Area


Known Issue

All Translations The text on some pages may not be completely translated for some site languages when changing it from “English (United States).” Updates will be implemented in a future release.​
Incident Communications Web Widget The Web Widget name field is shown during Incident Review. This will be fixed in an upcoming release. 

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