Everbridge Mobile App (EMA): October 2022 Release Notes

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What's New in Everbridge Mobile App

For Android version 12 onwards, Safety Connection features such as SOS, Check-In, and Safe Corridor (all of which require the user's location data) have been enhanced to capture the employee's location for both "Precise" and "Approximate" location permission settings.

If you're an Android 12 user, you may notice new app permission popups based on the cell phone manufacturer's settings after you upgrade to the new version of the Everbridge Mobile App. There are no updates to the level of permissions required for existing functionality. Please refer to Everbridge Mobile App Guide

User Benefits

Everbridge recommends enabling the "Precise" location permission to ensure that the app user's most accurate location is shared in times of need. This lessens the margin of error for responders and allows them to help the user as quickly as possible. 

Location Tracing Inside Geo-fences requires the user to provide the "Precise" location permission to assess if the user is within a pre-defined geo-fence and send a warning push notification if required.

Location Permission Choices

Defects Corrected in this Release

Product Area Feature Defect Case Numbers
Safety Connection Forms In forms linked to Safety buttons, contacts are able to enter more than the maximum number of permitted characters in textbox fields.
  • 221123775
Everbridge Mobile App User Interface  On the Feed screen, the hamburger menu is not visible in Dark Mode on Android devices.
  • 221121492

Known Issues in this Release

Product Area


Known Issue

Safety Connection

Contact Tracing

If Contact Tracing is enabled for the Organization, Android users may see the Contact Tracer disclosure screen displayed each time the Everbridge Mobile App is launched. This does not impact the functionality of Contact Tracing. Users can tap on the Back arrow on the top left to continue using the app.


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