ManageBridge and Everbridge Mobile App (EMA): August 2022 Release Notes

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What's New in ManageBridge App

Reset Password

Reset your Everbridge service password via the ManageBridge app by answering the secret question you configured in your user profile. 

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Users can enter the temporary password sent to their predefined email address to access their Everbridge service. Users who have forgotten their passwords can quickly reset them on their mobile devices and can be away from their workstations. This feature is available to all existing customers without any additional cost.

Default Role Will Be Applied At Login

Users will be logged in as their default role set as configured in their Manager Portal user profile. You can switch between roles if you are assigned multiple user roles.

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Prior to this update, users defaulted to the most recently used role in the app. Now users will default to the role set up in their user profile. This feature provides a consistent experience across the Manager Portal website and the ManageBridge app.

There is no impact to users that have been assigned only one user role. This feature is available at no additional cost to all customers using Crisis Management.

What's New in Everbridge Mobile App

Populate Organization Search Term via Mobile Device Management

Organization search term can be pre-populated with the expected value through Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems such as Intune, MobileIron, etc. The search term must be configured under the key
“EMA_Org_Search_String” in the App Configuration Policy of the MDM setup.

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End users/recipients that have the app installed through MDM can bypass the need to search for the organization during login. This feature is available to all existing customers without any additional cost.

Minor Improvements

Product Area Feature Improvement Benefits to you
ManageBridge App Attach up to 10 files Users will be able to attach up to 10 files while sending a notification. Relevant information related to the notification can be shared with end users.
Everbridge Mobile App Loading icon on trigger of SOS in Android When SOS is launched in the Android version of the Everbridge app, a loading icon will be displayed until the video capture function has commenced successfully. The icon indicates to the contact that the app should not be closed until background actions have been completed, such as capturing the contact's location and commencing a video recording.

Defects Corrected in this Release

Product Area Feature Defect Case Numbers
ManageBridge App Map Polygon cannot be drawn for variable type "Location: Geo Shapes"
  • 221115288

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