Everbridge CEM Suite: September 2022 Release Notes

List of Enhancements:
  • What's New in the Mass Notification Platform
    • Top Navigator to SnapComms
    • Everbridge Suite Languages in Greek, Thai, and Indonesian
    • Email Alerts for Secure FTP (SFTP) Uploads
    • Contact Upload Drag and Drop
    • Display Upload Row Number
    • New Notification Language - Ukrainian
    • New Option for Selecting Individuals for Notifications
    • Display Map in Notifications Page
    • Everbridge Mobile App: Secure Collaboration — Read Receipts in Secure Chat
    • Everbridge Mobile App: Populate Organization Search Term via MDM
    • Everbridge Mobile App: Enhancement to Single Sign-On User Flow
    • ManageBridge: Reset Password
    • ManageBridge: Default Role
    • ManageBridge: Notifications — Simulation Mode
  • What's New in Crisis Management
    • Configure Automatic Alerts
    • Custom Form Integration
    • Automatic Folder Inclusion
    • ManageBridge: Critical Events — Custom Fields
  • What’s New in Resident Connection North America
    • ManageBridge: Notifications
    • Resident Connection — United States: Contact Filtering
For more information, click the PDF link to download the full Release Notes.
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