ManageBridge and Everbridge Mobile App (EMA): May 2022 Release Notes

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What's New in Everbridge Mobile App

Safety Connection - SOS Map Enhancement

Users can now manually reposition their location pin on the map, when launching an SOS. A toggle switch has been added within the Safety Settings of the app to enable or disable this feature. If the feature is disabled the device detected location is sent by default.
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With this enhancement, if the device detected default location is not accurate when triggering an SOS, the user can manually adjust the pin on the map.

This feature is available at no extra cost to all customers using Safety Connection.

Remote Wipe

Users can clear chat data from Everbridge Mobile App by clicking the "wipe" option in the Manager Portal. After the wipe is completed the user will be logged out of the device.

Users can clear any previous chat or closed incident chat history.

The Remove Wipe features are available at no additional cost to all customers.


Minor Improvements

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Benefits to you

Everbridge Mobile App

Safety Connection

A new button type. "Hyperlink" has been implemented in the Manager Portal. On the Everbridge Mobile App, this button will display alongside the Safety buttons, and on click, will open the specified URL in the device's default browser.

Enables linking a specific URL to a safety button for quick launch.

Everbridge Mobile App

Accessibility Enhancements

Color contrast ratios of screens and text sizes have been fixed on various screens

Better app experience for users with accessibility needs.


Defects Corrected in this Release

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Case Numbers

Everbridge Mobile App


Unable to add document/photo to task on an iPad.

  • 221074786

Everbridge Mobile App


SOS video goes black when iOS devices screen times out.

  • 221062472
Everbridge Mobile App Safety Connection Unable to change Safe Corridor Duration in EMA.
  • 211039503
Everbridge Mobile App Incident Unable to join live chat from Incident.
  • 211055367


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