ManageBridge and Everbridge Mobile App (EMA): March 2022 Release Notes

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What's New in Everbridge Mobile App

Web Single Sign-On

The Single Sign-On webpage will be shown in the mobile device's default web browser instead of web view within the app. Both the old and new methods of authentication will be supported in Everbridge Mobile App.

This enhancement enables customers to take advantage of browser-based authentication and provides improved security. Single Sign-On users in Everbridge Mobile App will be directed to the default web browser in the device to enter their respective Username and Password. On successful authentication, users will be re-directed back to Everbridge Mobile App.

The Web SSO features are available at no additional cost to all customers.

Remote Wipe

Users can clear chat data from Everbridge Mobile App by clicking the "wipe" option in the Manager Portal.

Users can clear any previous chat or closed incident chat history.

The Remove Wipe features are available at no additional cost to all customers.


What's New in ManageBridge App

Simplified Workflow to Launch Incident Notifications

Users can now launch notifications from Incident Templates in fewer steps/clicks by filling out only situation-specific information. Default values set for Contacts and Settings in the template will be applied unless the user wishes to modify these values before sending the notifications.

Simplified Workflow to Launch Incident Notifications

This feature is available at no extra cost to all customers using Incident Communications.


Minor Improvements

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Benefits to you

Everbridge Mobile App


Typeform Survey.

Gather usage data

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Critical Events

Moved "Requests" from Events tab to left-hand hamburger menu.

This improvement makes it easier to access the "Requests" option.

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For clients who do not have Life Safety use cases, the Imminent Threat to Life flag can be disabled from the Manager Portal. This setting will be applicable in the ManageBridge app.

Enables you to streamline the user flow for your message senders and template authors.

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All notifications with the "Imminent Threat to Life" check box enabled (when launched from the Manager Portal or the ManageBridge app) will have the ability to override the silent switch and Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on Apple mobile devices. The tooltip displayed for the "Imminent Threat to Life" toggle in the ManageBridge app has been modified to reflect this enhancement.

The tooltip for "Imminent Threat to Life" check box has been modified.

  • Old tooltip: Use this only when there is an imminent threat of loss of life. These messages will override recipients' silent switch or DND mode on iPhone.
  • New tooltip: When selected, the notification will be set to high priority. Messages will override the recipients' silent switch or "Do Not Disturb" mode on Apple mobile devices.

The tooltip now displays accurate behavior of the "Imminent Threat to Life" check box.

ManageBridge App

User Management

"Last Login Date" available for Users at the Account level now includes login activity from Manager Portal and the ManageBridge app.

Enables you to view the last time a user logged into your Everbridge service.

ManageBridge App

Single Sign-On

"Key Phrase" for single sign-on will be prepopulated with the last used value.

Saves valuable time for users during login.


Defects Corrected in this Release

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Case Numbers

Everbridge Mobile App

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Android app not providing device information during SSO login, hence the user is unable to authenticate and login.

  • 21998234

ManageBridge App


Incident variables do not show the selected format for Date fields in the ManageBridge app.

  • 21939776
  • 21980540


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